Lakes on Eldridge

loes1Even though Lakes on Eldridge – with its 26-acres of lakes, fountains and waterfalls – may appear as though it was a creation of nature that has existed all along, this community was no more than a concept in June of 1992, when Ryko Development, Inc. first purchased the land.

Prior to the sculptured elegance you see today, this land was home to an old family farm. Adjacent to the Addicks Reservoir, this land was owned by the US Corps of Engineers and was part of the largest urban park space outside of the National Park System. In 1993, the conceptualization of Lakes on Eldridge began, and in April of 1994, the developer celebrated the official groundbreaking.

Architecture and Amenities Take Root

The acres of beautiful homes that now grace the landscape are the product of years of development that began when Homes by David Powers purchased the first lot. Soon after, Village Builders, Trendmaker, and D.R. Horton began creating executive homes, thus creating the overall tone of luxury that this community now enjoys.

loes2With the serious side of community development well underway, the real fun began in August of 1995 with the grand opening of the million-dollar recreation center. Much fanfare accompanied the opening. In fact, the celebration even included a hot-air balloon! However, the real celebration occurred on a day-to-day basis, as residents enjoyed this recreation center’s playground, volleyball court, tennis courts and Junior Olympic sized pool.

In February of 96, Homes by David Powers took the lead in purchasing waterfront lots for custom home development, followed by a roster of top-name custom builders including Westport Homes, Bayou Bend Homes, Mitchell-Carroll, PineOak Builders (now M&M Home Builders), and Masterpiece Homes.

Expansion Naturally Followed

The lay of the land proved ideal for expansion, and Ryko was quick to respond to ever-increasing homebuyer interest. In fact, as the first phase of the development (west of Turkey Creek) took off, preparations for the expansion into phase two (east of Turkey Creek) began.

loes3Along with pursuing expansion, increasing the already high level of aesthetic beauty was a priority for Ryko. An architecturally pleasing commuter bridge connected the two phases. Jogging paths and benches, located creek side, enhanced the appeal of the common area, and a separate pedestrian footbridge complemented its lush surroundings.

In the summer of 1997, the first lot in phase two was sold. By the year 2000, the entire project was essentially complete.


Community Spirit Shines Through

As more and more people decided to make Lakes on Eldridge home, this neighborhood evolved from simply being a beautiful place to live to having a real community spirit that was evident, year round. Residents gathered in the recreation center each Christmas for an open house, where cookies and punch were served. Homeowners threw occasional potluck dinners for fellow neighbors. And, each year, children gathered for Easter egg hunts and Halloween parades. They even created a swim team that has gone on to win district awards!

loes4Children here have also benefited from the generous spirit of the developer, who provided 9.5 acres of land (originally earmarked for additional homes) for the construction of Shirley Kirk Elementary. In fact, Ryko was thrilled to be able to sell this land to the district, at its request, since having an onsite school would further add to the comfort and convenience of families living here.



loes5Even though Lakes on Eldridge has met its potential, a strong sense of community remains. Perhaps that’s due, in part, by this community’s uniqueness. With the completion of this development and all of the luxury, convenience, and beauty it encompasses, Ryko succeeded in creating a community unlike any other located so close to the heart of Houston.