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Why buying a new home during the fall is a good idea

Brandon Spaulding - Monday, October 05, 2015

Looking for a new home during the fall? The real estate market is open 365 days a year – yes, even on holidays – but there are cyclical trends to the marketplace. Some of those ups and downs are based on mortgage interest rates and housing availability, but some are based on season.

Next to spring, fall is the busiest season for home buying and selling. Autumn offers certain benefits to homebuyers, including year-end tax breaks, pleasant weather conditions for moving and a wide selection of homes for sale. Read on to learn the advantages of buying in the fall.

Buying a house before the chill of winter sets in is very appealing to most homebuyers. No one wants to worry about icy roads, snowstorms or blackout conditions on moving day, nor is it fun to move in sweltering summer heat.

By wintertime, kids have settled into school, established friendships and become involved in extracurricular activities. Moving in summer would be least disruptive to your children’s schooling or social calendar, but autumn is next best. Also, by moving in fall, you’ll be settled snugly into your new home before Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

While home demand is not as keen in fall as it is in spring, it’s still high, so competition can be high, too. Fall buyers and sellers tend to be motivated to move, unlike the window-shoppers who sometimes come out in spring.

You may experience pressure to buy, due to the quick turnaround of houses on the market, but you’ll also benefit from the broad selection of homes  available. In fact, between September and December, you may be able to visit several open houses in a single day, and listings will be updated frequently. Therefore, to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream house, it’s a good idea to regularly check listings.

Source: Realtor.com

Lakes of Bella Terra welcomes you to browse our selection of new homes this fall season.   

Residential Real-Estate Market Sustains

Brandon Spaulding - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As potential home buyers watch oil prices plummet, many are wondering how the fluctuation will affect the housing market. It has been predicted that a diverse economy will help the city withstand the downturn, and so far, Houston's housing market seems to be sustaining.

Houston Business Journal recently reported that Houston home values are still among the nation’s fastest growing despite the oil slump:

Houston ranks No. 8 among 36 major U.S. cities for having the fastest-growing home values. Home prices in the Bayou City grew 8.1 percent year over year in August, according to Zillow Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ZG), a Seattle-based real estate marketplace.

It’s been a year since oil prices started slipping to six-year lows.

“I think we’re going to be just fine,” said Realtor Lance Loken, founder and CEO of Houston-based The Loken Group Inc. “Price points may be affected, but people are always going to be buying and selling houses.”

Home values continue to grow, even shattering historic records. In July, Houston’s average single-family home price jumped 6.6 percent year over year to $302,942, the first time it broke the $300,000 threshold, according to the Houston Association of Realtors.

Hang in there, Houston. There is plenty of room for continued growth. View our new homes inventory.

Weekend Adventures: Reasons to love new homes in Houston

Brandon Spaulding - Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Adventures During the fall

Richmond, Texas is a prime location for those who love to get out and about. There are many weekend getaway opportunities surrounding new homes! Here are a couple of places worth exploring during the fall time.

Family Fun: Kemah Boardwalk is a destination that the whole family will enjoy. Located 56 miles east of Richmond, Kemah Boardwalk offers amusement park rides and games for all ages, waterfront restaurants, and retail stores. Visit Kemah Boardwalk for more details.

Wine Tasting: Take a turn on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail. Get away for a wine tasting tour about an hours’ drive north of Houston, between I-45 and U.S. Highway 290. Enjoy tasting award-winning wines from seven member wineries. Visit Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail for more details.

Museums Galore: At the Houston Museum District, there is “Something new every day.” Enjoy the cultural aspects of this great attraction. The District is home to 19 museums and has a variety of nearby restaurants and a park. The Museum District is only 27 miles from Richmond, Texas. Visit Houston Museum District for more details.

The Great Outdoors: Did you know that Texas is a great place for birding? Check out the birds and explore the other aspects of nature at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, about 70 miles southeast of Richmond. The refuge has over 44,000 acres. They have a Junior Nationalist program, offer self-guided auto tours, as well as a hiking trail and boardwalk. Visit Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge for more details.

The area surrounding Richmond, Texas offers something for everyone. Enjoy your one day destination and return to all the comforts of home.

Escape to a beautiful community where you can see the stars at night.

More Prospective New Homebuyers in Fort Bend County

Brandon Spaulding - Thursday, September 24, 2015

Houston is growing to be the third largest city in United States as more and more prospective homebuyers are relocating to the area. The suburban side of Houston offers a family friendly lifestyle with more parks and natural surroundings, attracting an increasing number of people to areas like Lakes of Bella Terra in Fort Bend County.

In fact, the Houston Business Journal reported that Houston-area counties were among fastest growing in U.S. in 2014.

Fort Bend County added 32,980 residents in 2014 — more than any other county in the U.S. — according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Fort Bend and Montgomery counties also are among the top 10 nationwide when ranked by percentage growth.

The data comes from the Census' 1-Year American Community Survey results released Sept. 17. The 1-Year ACS results track demographic changes year to year for states, counties, cities, towns and places with more than 65,000 residents. Explore the county-level data with the interactive table embedded below this article. Click the column headers to sort data hierarchically.

Fort Bend County's population grew from 652,365 in 2013 to 685,345 in 2014, a growth rate of 5.06 percent, ranking it No. 4 by percentage growth, according to the data. Montgomery County added 19,810 residents, bringing it to 518,947 in 2014. Its 3.97 percent growth rate ranked the county No. 7 nationwide.

Lakes of Bella Terra has available homes from the $200's to $1M+ in a beautiful community in Fort Bend County.   

Houston Ranks Among Healthiest Housing Markets

Brandon Spaulding - Monday, September 21, 2015

For those looking to move to new homes in Richmond or the suburbs of Houston, the market is looking up—as Houston ranks among healthiest housing markets.

Global uncertainties, plummeting stock prices and further slumps in the oil market don't seem to be hindering Houston's housing market.

Houston was ranked No. 11 out of 62 U.S. cities with more than 300,000 residents, the report found. Analysts compared 300 cities nationwide across 14 metrics, including foreclosure rate, median home price, vacancy rates, population growth and unemployment rates to determine their "health." Seven other Texas cities were on the list of large cities analyzed. Only two scored higher than Houston, though all ranked in the top half of the list.

It's no surprise that Houston's housing market is doing well. In July, single family home sales broke an all-time record, totaling 8,147 sales, the Houston Association of Realtors reported Aug. 12. The previous all-time record was set only the month before with 7,935 sales. Total property sales also increased 6 percent year over year to 9,653, and total dollar volume was up 11.9 percent to $2.69 billion in July.

Source: Houston Business Journal

Rooting for your new HOME team in Houston

Brandon Spaulding - Thursday, September 17, 2015

New to Houston? Get ready to kick off football season with your new home team in your favorite hometown community! Here are some ideas for hosting a party where you can enjoy timeless Texas traditions. Go Houston Texans!

Entertain your guests

Football Charades uses the same rules of Charades, but give it a football twist. Some words you could use in the game include: helmet, stadium, touchdown, field goal, football field, cheerleader, coach, etc.

Don’t Say It- Pick a word guests are not allowed to say during the duration of the party like "touchdown" or "score" each time the person says it they have to do an action determined by you

Try some “tailgate” recipes

On game day it's important to be well-fed. Here are delicious party recipes that will impress family, friends and guests. Make it a backyard barbecue with grilling essentials that let you serve fish and grilled vegetables for fajitas in addition to the classic burgers and hot dogs. Our favorite dish is Baked Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese.

Prepare for a good time

If you have room for it, create a double row of seating with taller bar chairs in back and a low sofa or easy chairs in front. A few cushions on the floor can even serve as a third row of seating, giving everyone a good view of the game.

Make sure your television is readily visible and has the volume turned up enough to let people hear what’s happening on the field. consider setting up a projection screen outside so guests can flow from your living room to the patio or deck and back again without missing a play.

Source: Lakeside View


Brandon Spaulding - Monday, September 14, 2015

State accountability, STAAR results and community feedback evaluated

RICHMOND, TX—All schools surrounding Lakes of Bella Terra have surpassed state accountability ratings, according to the reports released by the Texas Education Agency. The Lamar CISD schools include Foster High School, Briscoe Junior High, Wertheimer Middle School and Hubenak Elementary.

Distinction designations were awarded to campuses based on achievement on performance indicators compared to a group of 40 campuses of similar type, size and student demographics.

“Earning any type of distinction under the state accountability system is commendable and should be a source of pride in that community,” said Micheal Williams, Texas Commissioner of Education.

In addition to state ratings, Lamar CISD was reviewed by greatschools.org, a non-profit online resource for information on schools who provides evaluations on school test results and student/parent feedback.

On-site campus Hubenak Elementary is celebrating distinctions for in mathematics, postsecondary readiness, and top 25 percentile for student progress. Hubernak also earned a 10 out of 10 on STAAR test results and was awarded with four stars by the community.

Wertheimer Middle School earned distinctions in reading, postsecondary readiness, top 25 percentile for closing performance gaps, and top 25 percentile for student progress. Wertheimer also earned a 9 out of 10 on STAAR test results and was awarded with five stars by the community.

Briscoe Junior High also earned distinctions in reading, social studies, postsecondary readiness, and top 25 percentile for closing performance gaps. Briscoe also earned an 8 out of 10 on STAAR test results and was awarded with four stars by the community.

Lakes of Bella Terra is proud to be in the heart of a community that strives for success. For those looking to move to a quality school district in Houston, visit lakesofbellaterra.com.

Infrastructure in Fort Bend grows with sale of new homes

Brandon Spaulding - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fort Bend infrastructure and economy is growing with sale of new homes, as area is booming both from the standpoint of retail and residential. Fort Bend has the top county ranking in Texas and a ranking of fifth in the United States for incoming investments.

According to Jeff Wiley, President CEO of the Fort Bend Economic Development Council (EDC), “Our population is doubling every 20-25 years”, and he goes on to say that everything here has to also double, especially to keep residents from driving to Houston.

The current population of 710,000 residents is predicted to go over one million within the next ten years.

Success is the result of careful planning, business recruitment and retention, promoting the local hospitable business climate, and encouraging infrastructure.

While Western Fort Bend County has experienced more economic growth than the eastern side, growth will occur over a period of time with the addition of infrastructure. Shopping and homes have grown considerably along the Grand Parkway corridor, and there is a new outlet mall on I-69.

Some future plans are to link I-69/U.S. 59 with I-10 close to growth in northwest Fort Bend County and Fulshear, continue work on the State Highway 36-A project to provide a boost to the western part of the county, and discussion about the eventual linking of Grand Parkway and the Fort Bend Parkway.

Jeff Wiley also said that the EDC’s long-term plans are to make sure that each community in the county will benefit from the growth. “When everybody grows together, we all win.”


Three tips for buying a new home in Fort Bend

Brandon Spaulding - Thursday, September 03, 2015

Three tips for buying a new home in Fort Bend >

Are you looking to buy a new home in Fort Bend? Whether it's your first time buying a home, upgrading to expand for your family, or you are new to the area, there are many things to keep in mind before you begin your hunt. Here are the top three tips to try when you start your house hunting!


It's important to set a budget and stick to it when you start your hunt for a new home. It's often very easy to begin straying away from your budget, especially when you find your dream home! But going over your budget is never a smart idea. Closing costs can fluctuate, and if you aren't buying new, you might stumble upon some hidden home repairs that can become costly to fix.

Custom Built

If you have a particular taste, then buying new is the way to go! If you plan on staying long and growing a family, then why not get it the way you want it? Pick out the style, architecture, floors, wall colors ahead of time, and make sure to include your spouse too! This is a fun way for you and your spouse to bond, and it will include a style that you will both enjoy. Keep in mind, if you plan on selling in the next couple of years, you might want to tone down the custom taste to something more neutral to make it easier to sell.


If you're buying new, your home will most likely come with a warranty, in which the builders will cover the costs of any repairs needed. But if you're not buying new, it's smart to look into what warranty you have, if any. When you get a warranty you should always read the fine print! Know the fine details, so that you can research additional warranty coverage if you feel it is not sufficient.

History of Richmond: From Old Homes to New Homes

Brandon Spaulding - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

History of Richmond: From Old Homes to New Homes

As many people are moving to new homes in Lakes of Bella Terra, it is interesting to reflect on the rich history of Richmond.

In 1822, a group of Austin's colonists went up the Brazos River, stopping near present day Richmond where they built a fort called Fort Bend. Named after Richmond, England, the town was among the 19 cities first incorporated by the short-lived Republic of Texas, in 1837.

Before the Civil War Richmond became a center of the "cattle empire" that grew between the Brazos and Colorado rivers; cattle were branded on ranges just west of the town before being sent north to market centers in the Midwest. In 1878 the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway extended its tracks through the area but bypassed Richmond; a new, rival community called Rosenberg was built on the railway three miles from the old town.

In 1884 2,000 people lived in Richmond. That year, along with the courthouse and four churches, the town had a bank, sugar mills and refineries, and six schools. Cotton, corn, livestock, hides, sugar, and molasses were being shipped from the town. A wooden bridge across the Brazos was built at Richmond about 1888, and when that collapsed five years later it was replaced by a sturdier steel structure.

Early residents of the city include many prominent figures in Texas lore such as Jane Long, Deaf Smith, and Mirabeau Lamar, who are all buried in Richmond. On August 16, 1889, the town was the site of the "Battle of Richmond," an armed fight culminating the Jaybird-Woodpecker War, a violent feud over post-Reconstruction political control of Fort Bend County. The Mayor from 1949 until his death in 2012 was Hilmar Moore.


The Long-Smith Cottage was built around 1837

The historic McNabb House was built by Phillip Vogel in the 1850s


Built by Trendmaker Homes in 2015   

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